Our restaurants


Chez Guehu

8 Rue Rougemont - 75009 Paris

Fresh, beautiful, good, the real table is Chez Guehu!

A simple but not ordinary cuisine, your new favorite canteen is waiting for you!

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Chez Delphine

48 rue Saint Georges - 75009 Paris

"CHEZ DELPHINE" is above all to have managed to combine my desires and cooking choices. But not only…

Short-circuit and merchants in my neighborhood: the trust established for quality assurance.

Taste, freshness, natural:

It's being and work every day in the kitchen on the essence of each product I choose.

And I wanted a gentle atmosphere, "wrap" to share this warm kitchen. For me, one does not go without the other.

Welcome you around a good wine, you receive with, for example, my homemade bread or organic food, ensure a delicious moment: I put everything to!

My new adventure ... to share with you and without moderation!

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